Bicycle Coaltion of Greater Philadelphia: Over the course of 3 year period early in my career, I was able to help the Bicycle Coaltion spread their message through numerous print and rebranding projects. From posters promoting upcoming citywide rides to a logo creation for specifically female related events, I ran the gamut and designed materials that helped the organization expand and grow.  

BIKE PHILLY RIDE: On September 11th, 2011, 4000 people were able to bike through Philly without worrying about a single car. I was tasked with creating printed visuals and a t-shirt to help get people stoked for this carless ride.

To the RIGHT: Final poster.
BELOW: Tee shirt and postcard promoting the same ride.

I BIKE PHILLY CHALLENGE: With the need to promote another citywide biking initative, the Bicycle Coaltion asked me to create a poster that encompassed the true character of the city. The best way I knew how to do this, was to show the small, iconic parts of the city that made it truly great as a whole.

To the LEFT: Final poster.
BELOW: Close up of details.